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Administrative building


About the project

  • Възложител
    Moto-Pfohe Ltd.
  • Location
    Kremikovtsi district, Sofia



Showroom and vehicle repair, warehouses and offices “Volvo” of Moto-Pfoe Ltd. with a scrape pit, located in LP with identifier 68134.8592.220 under the Cadastre map, “Mogilite”, on the territory of “Vrazhdebna”, district “Kremikovtsi”, Sofia.

At the elevation of ± 0.00, oriented along its long axis, a showroom and the space in front of it are built, where on the right there is a customer parking for 9 cars, and on the left there is an exhibition area for 10 used cars. The Automobile Exhibition Hall features consulting and commercial areas and offices, areas for goods and accessories, customer service areas – reception, customer and visitor rest, configuration, coffee, visitors’ sanitary facilities, exit for new cars and refueling entrances with cars. The approach to the car service and the parking lots is carried out with a two-lane ramp from the interior of the complex.

From the north, at elevation -1,60 is filled the entrance to the reception area with information areas, cash desk, dispatchers, spare parts shop, service master, in functional connection with the mechanical service, which has an entrance from the north and an exit from the west.

On the south side of the building is the entrance to the warehouses and technical premises serving the service and service entrance for filling with spare parts and entrance of workers, which provide a functional connection with the parts shop. All technological premises have also been implemented in this area. A service staircase provides a connection to the second level +1,60, where there are sanitary and residential premises, staff training room.

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    1680 Sofia
    Bulgaria Blvd. 98
    ‘’Astra’’ Building
    Entrance V, 1st floor, office 13V