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National Palace of Culture

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    National Palace of Culture Congress Centre
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The project represents “Reconstruction and adaptation of the main building of the National Palace of Culture for the needs of the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2018”. The building is also located in Regulated plot I, district 369, quarter IV-67, Triaditza district, Sofia.

The repair consists of replacing booster and suction chambers, replacement of circulators, replacement of existing air-conditioning chambers, renewal of heating and cooling systems; Replacement of plumbing pipes and canal verticals, separation of drinking and fire-fighting water systems; Renovation of the kitchen on floor 70 and the kitchen to the restaurant on the 80th floor in the main building of the National Palace of Culture.

  • Национален Дворец на Културата

  • Национален Дворец на Културата

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    1680 Sofia
    Bulgaria Blvd. 98
    ‘’Astra’’ Building
    Entrance V, 1st floor, office 13V