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Building Permission

  • Preparation of “Report of conformity assessments of the project” with the with the substantial requirements to the construction and full cooperation with the exploitation companies concerned and the control organs authorized to issue a Building Permit
  • We guarantee compliance with the requirements of regulations for research and design, completeness and structural conformance of engineering and other calculations. Conformity of the project with the envisions of the general and detailed urban development plans. Conformity of the project with the construction, technical, environmental, sanitary, fire and specific requirements. Consistency between the different parts of the project. Thermal calculations to ensure heat conservation and energy savings. Proper design of installations and engineering systems. Completeness of the design documentation.

Qualitative and lawful construction process

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1680 Sofia
Bulgaria Blvd. 98
‘’Astra’’ Building
Entrance V, 1st floor, office 13V