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About the project

  • Investor
    O.R.T. AD
  • Location
  • Year
  • Area
    5 300 sq.m.

The site is IIIrd category=


The new production base with a total built-up area of 5300 m2 is an industrial hall built under the prefabricated industrial construction system and a 500 m2 glazed two-level office part. The Vertical strips of the enclosing panels of the hall are in two contrasting colors and are placed in a certain rhythm, which along with the suspended glass facade create the typical image of the building. „In order to cover large 24-metre intra-axial spaces, Aquarius restressed beams are used with a system for efficient drainage of rainwater in drainage pipes in the building columns and its removal into a special drainage system. The building is equipped with 4 loading ramps, a modern pneumatic and absorption installation, reinforced polished concrete floor, double safety sprinkler system with spare capacity for 15 000 m2, natural and artificial energy-saving lighting. Spaces designed to provide the necessary flawless manufacturing conditions. All installations are built with a spare capacity for upcoming expansion of the production areas with another 8000 m2. The adjoining 500m2 office space provides ideal conditions for work and creativity. The entrance is accented with a signal colour frame contrasting with the transparent glass pavilion. The attractive interior of the lobby overflows into an exhibition area with a canteen and a bar for hot and cold food, coffee and fresh juices“

Scope of work of S Consult Ltd.:

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    1680 Sofia
    Bulgaria Blvd. 98
    ‘’Astra’’ Building
    Entrance V, 1st floor, office 13V