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St. Sofia Hospital

About the project

  • Investor
    Bulding Hospitals 2
  • Location
    Sofia city
  • Year

IInd category


The hospital is equipped with state of the art apparatus and devices and includes 7 operating rooms, haemodialysis centre, resuscitation room, 393 hospital beds. Using the latest achievements in the field of medicine with focus on the individual approach and care, the hospital will provide personalized treatment depending on the patient’s genetic code. The personalized approach is the gold standard in oncological, endocrine, liver diseases and others. The achievements of medical technology, combined with a modern and inviting building, naturally attract Bulgarian physicians working abroad to return and work in their homeland and particularly at St. Sofia Hospital.“

The building is nominated for “Building of the year” at category “Health buildings” at the National Contest “Building of the year” 2018.

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    1680 Sofia
    Bulgaria Blvd. 98
    ‘’Astra’’ Building
    Entrance V, 1st floor, office 13V